• Hydrantman helps

    to raise awareness

    in the Himalayan highlands of Nepal

  • In Nepal, Hydrantman and Pedagogy

    On April 2016, Samagaon, a small town,with an altitude of 3350 m, Jean Garrigues, President of HYDRANTMAN , participate in a cleaning operation with the children of the school under the high authority of the temporal and spiritual leader of the valley, Lama Ula Jigme Tsewang Rimpoche.

    On October 30, 2015 the first cleaning operation took place in the village of Barpak at 2000 m altitude.

    • Paper and cardboard are used to make bio-mass pellets.
    • Whole plastic bottles are reeled to make PET yarn for weaving bags for transporting vegetables and other grains
    • The rest is compacted and incinerated in winter in "rocket stove" called "Green Rocket Fire", at very high temperature with a particle filter.
    • Why winter?
    • to produce collective hot water at the same time

    Situation after Monsoon

    It will take hundreds of years to reduce the harms of plastics in biotopes. The public is not aware of the dangers of nanoparticles in the food chain.


    Our educational commitment is total