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    Nepal, the harsh reality

  • Water, the humanitarian emergency


    The most beautiful smiles of Kathmandu,

    Sisters of Charity Mother Teresa

    At the request of a Swiss humanitarian association, we have installed a reverse osmosis drinking water treatment unit for the community of Sisters of Charity Mother Teresa of Kathmandu, who are busy caring for the dying and handicapped. . All their hydraulic system based on a ferruginous water well had been destroyed by the earthquake of April 25, 2015.

    150 liters of drinking water per day

    Hydrantman team and Nepalese plumbers in Kathmandu

    Installation of new equipment for access to drinking water, 150 liters per day (cost US$ 300).

    Ferruginous water treatment

    Ferruginous water treatment

    Beginning of November 2015, the entire hydraulic system is renovated, the pump and the filters replaced (Cost $ 1700), The maintenance of the system is assured, thanks to donors (CostUS$ 50 per year)

  • Expertise and advice to overcome the problems of water scarcity

    Gorkha district

    Lapu Gorkha district

    Expertise and advice to overcome the problems of water scarcity.

    November 2015, three days of walking to reach the village of Lapu destroyed 90% by the earthquakes of April 25 and May 12, 2015.

    With the dry season, earthquakes and the disappearance of large trees, soils made of gravel and sand moraines, they no longer play their role as natural reservoirs of water as the sources are drying up!

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  • Care of the population

    Many clinics have been rebuilt thanks to the generosity and dynamism of many Western associations.

    However regularly these are closed for lack of trained and competent staff.

    When we are more than a day away from the first open hospital, we must bring a little punctual assistance to the wounded and sick, then organize their repatriation to the nearest hospitals, often by man-carrying on steep paths or by chair to porter.

    Shoulder dislocation

    The dislocation has been reduced, it is necessary to immobilize the joint, give a protein diet and organize a visit to the nearest district hospital to a day of walking and "local bus"

    The little sores

    Many children have deficiencies due to an approximate hygiene .... Cleaning and disinfection session ...