• The "Green Fire",

    mastering the fire,

    protecting the forest to protect the water


    "wood gas are produced by pyrolysis"

  • With wood gas produced by pyrolysis in the


    50% biomass saved compared to charcoal!

    "GREEN FIRE" performance


    • Clandestine manufacture of charcoal destroys the forest.
    • The poor performance of the cooking and heating systems requires too much biomass and produces toxic, irritating fumes responsible for serious pathologies of the eyes and lungs.

    The “GREEN FIRE” in 2015 and 2016

    • In May 2015 HYDRANTMAN Project did a thorough study of the relationship between Water - Forest - Fire.
    • October and November 2015, after a tour in the Manaslu district on the epicenter of the earthquakes of April 25 and May 12, 2015 to assess the situation of drinking water resources between 1500 and 4500 m altitude, Jean Garrigues understands the need to put all action in an environmental protection charter defined by a virtuous circle between water, forest and cooking fire.
    • December 2015 birth the charter of HYDRANT MAN :
      Protecting  water - protecting forest - Mastering fire
    • January 2016 Jean Garrigues our President and our founder have created an ecological stove, inspired by the gasifier, to cook food with compressed biomass in the form of pellets and small wood.
    • Febuary 2016, from Switzerland, we have developed the prototypes of this stove.
    • March and April 2016, the tests were carried out in Switzerland and Nepal with many adjustments. We recorded a biomass saving of  50% compared to charcoal!
    • In April 2016, the stove was successfully presented to the enthusiastic authorities of the Government of Nepal.
    • October 2016 Several GREEN FIRE stoves are currently operating in Nepalese families living in the Manaslu Mountain Range 8163m in Gorkha District.

    The “GREEN FIRE” in 2017

    • In March 2017, Jean Garrigues went to Vietnam to order and have a first series of 400 GREEN FIRE made. They will be available end of 2017
    • In March 2017 Jean Garrigues orders two machines in China.
      The first is a crucher to produce crushed wood and bio mass.
      The second to make pellets of this bio mass.
      The machines are delivered to Katmandu in April 2017
    • In May 2017 in Katmandu, Jean Garrigues organizes a meeting of all the users of the GREEN FIRE prototypes of the District of Gorkha, Users express their great satisfaction and presents their results in terms of consumption of small wood.
      This result is extraordinary because it appears that these furnaces consume 75% less biomass compared to the traditional open fire. Children and adults did not suffer from patologies due to fumes. They express their desire to keep these stoves. They just say that the cut of small wood is a little difficult especially as it must monitor the fire and feed it constantly for the pyrolise to produce wood gas.
    • In May 2017 the machines to produce pellets are mounted and a 15-day training is given to Suresh Gurung for their use.
      The first pellets are produced in Kathmandu! (look at the videos)

    The “GREEN FIRE” in 2018

    • In January 2018 400 GREEN FIRE arrive in Kathmandu and are stored in a room away from the curious. Political changes force us to adapt to new rules of cooperation, particularly in the area of taxation.
    • From February to April 2018 we seek to have a reliable and competent representative on site.

      The idea is to extend our action not only to Nepal but also to neighboring countries, politically stable and very demanding.

    • In March 2018 We find a young Bangladeshi businessman very involved in his country in terms of environmental protection and who makes the import in Nepal of dried fish from a sustainable and fair production.

    • Mr. Hossen Sabuj graduated in Management from the University of Mexico.

    • On April 27, 2018 Jean and Evolène Garrigues meet Mr. Hossen Sabuj in Kathmandu (See Video)

    • April and May 2018, Jean and Evolène Garrigues spend a week in high mountains, in the geographical center of the Himalayas to prepare the cement bases of 3 GREEN FIRE. After a demonstration at the Buddhist Temple of SAMAGAON 3600 altitude, they are given respectively to the oldest Lama 91 years for his cooking, Lama Ula Jigme the administrative and spiritual head of the valley and the Manaslu Lodge for his cooking. These people are supposed to use this material every day until a shipment planned in 2019 brings equipment to distribute these stoves to the population.

    • May 2018, demonstration of the GREEN FIRE in the Triveni school of Mr. Wangden Lama. Meeting with Ms. Karisma Manandhar, famous Nepalese actress with 200 films

    • May 17, 2018 KARISMA MANANDHAR officially becomes godmother of GREEN FIRE in Nepal.

    • June 2018 a new concept of casting of the concrete part is developed with as an idea the distribution in kit. Users will be able to mold their concrete base themselves. 11 molds are made in Switzerland and delivered to Katmandu with a printed and video instructions.

    • July 2018 The new tapered bases, more solid, made of refractory concrete and therefore more resistant to heat, are executed in Kathmandu (see video)

    • August 2018 Hossen Sabuj inaugurates the HYDRANTMAN GREEN FIRE office in Kathmandu.

    • September 2018 a first sample of the stainless steel parts of GREEN FIRE is produced in Bangladesh under the direction of Mr. Sabuj. The price and feasibility study shows that Bangladesh is ideally suited for future productions for Asia and Africa.

    • From September to November 2018, many sound tests were carried out in Switzerland with different fuels including charcoal, small bundles and compressed briquettes. These tests are always evaluated in relation to the burning of the pellets. Many actual use demonstration to cook food are carried out in Switzerland and France. (See videos)

    • November 2018 HYDRANTMAN Swiss Association officially becomes a member of the SolarImpulse Foundation of Bertrand Piccard and postulates that the GREEN FIRE concept and the charter and its charter of eco-responsibility get "THE SOLAR IMPULSE EFFICIENT SOLUTION LABEL" to be presented at COP24 in Poland in December 2018.

    • November 2018 a company is officially created in Bangladesh with an extension in Nepal, under the leadership of Mr. Hossen Sabuj. HYDRANTMAN Swiss Association becomes the second largest shareholder with 40% of the capital. Based on the eco-responsible charter of HYDRANTMAN and in compliance with the commitments of COP 21 and following of the UN, the diffusion of the concept of GREEN FIRE is entrusted to this company which will render financial and fiscal accounts in each country concerned. This will avoid the many complications imposed on NGOs and other humanitarian organizations by the new Nepalese authorities.