For an eco-responsible management

  • Maintaining and sharing our freshwater resources requires responsible forest management!



    • The trees are capillary guarantors for underground water reserves.
    • Without trees, insufficient evapotranspiration and too dry air, this accelerates the warming of the cold mass of the mountain, and causes the glaciers to disappear,
    • In the off-season glaciers bring freshwater reserve, and a balance between the cold mass and the hydrometry of the air.
    • Trees and plants are regulators of CO2, one of the main greenhouse gases.
    • Co2 is responsible for some of the global warming effects.
    • A well-managed forest absorbs and stores carbon dioxide.
    La forêt d’altitude en raréfaction. Photo Jean Garrigues  Avril 2016 Samagaon 3500 m

    On the Himalayan highlands, Nepal, Mustang, Ladakh and Tibet ..

    • The majority of forests are plantation-based, but human activities, in the absence of a conservation program, lead to massive deforestation, a global ecological disaster.
    •  Wood is used for cooking and heating, and through this the high production of charcoal degrades the environment.
    • Rot-resistant wood is used for construction without regard to the natural environment.
    • The breeding of domestic goats, "tchang-ra", known as "pashmina" for bark, threatens the natural regeneration of forests.
    • With the disappearance of the forests, the water, that would need to be channeled to the attention of the population, devastates the soils from becoming arable and the ecosystem is weakened.
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